160T - LR1160 - LIEBHERR

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160T - LR1160 - LIEBHERR

  • 69.8m Main Boom.
  • 49.1m Luffing Jib
  • 32m Fixed Jib (15 o and 30o).
  • 12t Line Pull (Main& Aux Winch)
  • Auxiliary Jib (Enabling 2 Falls on Auxiliary).
  • Self Erection Capability.
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160T Crane Features 300

160T Crane Specifications 300

Model Number Model Size Platform Height Length Width Stowed Height Weight Capacity Specification Pdf
LIEBHERR LR1160 PIN JIB CRAWLER CRANE 160 t - 11 metres 6.8 metres 3.8 metres 167000 kg 160000 kg